EXCLUSIVE!! X-men: A New Start OC

>> Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hey guys! well the secrets out! I have been working on a new OC project for X-men with i-am-the-badwolf. It all started after X-men First Class I watched it with my parents after i bought it on DVD and i just got this crazy idea! the old team was sort of abandoned so why not start again. it's been mixed a little with the comics... hopefully not enough to confuse you. But please I hope you like my posters! I'll give the names, posters and character info!


Darcy is the Daughter of Shadowcat & Colossus. She has a mixture of both powers but the strongest being her mums (Intangibility aka able to phase through solid objects.)
She is portrayed by Nina Dobrev.


Leon  is not a child of the previous X-men, at the moment his parents are not important for the story. His Powers include fire (like Pyro from X2 & X3.) He is also superstrong and if he touches someone for too long they start to burn. 
Leon is portrayed by Alex Pettyfer


Grace is the youngest of the "team" at the age of 16. She is an empath, she has no memory of her parents or and hardly anything of her life. Shes a bit of a mystery is those respects. She can also read minds. By the way.. zoom in to check out her eye colour.
Grace is portrayed by Abigail Breslin.
The fanfic for X-men A New Start - coming 2012!

more characters coming soon. I know theres alot but don't forget there was alot of characters on the movies and in the comics.


New Layout!

>> Friday, November 18, 2011

Hey guys! sorry for my long absence been busy getting in the work mode. Had exams and Coursework but i'm hoping to try to me here more often!

I'm hoping to share a new idea i've started working on with a new friend of mine soon. It's top secret for the time being :D

Hope you like the new Merlin Layout!


Emma X


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