Doctor Who: Amy Pond & Tenth Doctor Poster [Fanmade]

>> Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Well I made this for a bit of fun... it's an odd pairing but its just a 'What if...'
hope you like it!


Doctor Who: Series 2 Soundtrack [Fanmade]

Here is my CD Cover design for a Series 2 Soundtrack for Doctor Who. I know Series 1 & 2 were mixed but I watned to split them!


Doctor Who Series 1: Bad Wolf/ Parting Of Ways Poster [fanmade]

Hey guys! i made a poll my deviantart on what poster people wanted me to make... this was the most popular so here we are! I loved these eps was a shock ending for me though as i hadn't been following any news about Christopher Eccleston leaving! ...such a plonker really!... me not him!

Hope you like it!


Xmen Fanfic underway!

>> Monday, February 6, 2012

Well its not exactly A New Start but its 1 of 10 or 8 upcoming Stories. The cover to the 1st one is below.

To see it full size and to read more visit my DeviantArt page inspiration1990


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