New Layout for the 50th!

>> Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Finally! it's about time I got my backside in gear :D

I hope you like it! There is a poster thats similar, which you can find on my deviantArt account.

It's the first time i've used Photoshop to make something like this! I love the way it turned out!


Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Trailer Blend

>> Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hey guys so once I found some good pictures I decided to make this. It is a blend using screencaps from the teaser trailer for the 50th Special.

I added a texture of the union jack over the top as its a British made show, even though it is shown internationally.

I hope you like it!


Primeval Generations Poster - Adam [OC] - Fanmade

Here is the 2nd poster from my new upcoming story Primeval: Generations. The character is called Adam and is portrayed by Tom Felton.

Here is the Character summary:

On the eve of his 15th birthday, Adams dad disappeared with a trace and has never been seen since, fast forward 10 years and Adam has never given up looking for any clues that could help him find out what happened that night.. Until something appears he wasn’t expecting..

I hope you like it! more designs on the way soon! (apologies for the long absence)


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